When a producer has her hands full making it all work on location, it is such a gift to work with a professional like Michael Griffith who is always on top of things. We have worked together for over 15 years and every experience has always been top notch. Michael has a unique combination of skill and experience. His attention to detail and really caring about the lighting, the shot, the talent, make him stand alone in this industry.

Susan Sherman – Owner/Producer, SVC International


Working with Michael is always a pleasure. I know I can rely on high quality, creativity, and professionalism. I also know I’ll be working with a great person, which is important for the client and crew when the hours are long.

Leslie PetersDesert Bay Productions, 15 year client.


Michael Griffith’s work has contributed significantly to our winning many Emmy Awards. His steadfast character, absolute reliability and intuitive eye combine to make the premium pro package.

Bill GruberBizVid Communications, 18 year client.

When Michael is involved in a project, you know it is branded with integrity and stamped with a guarantee of success.

Jerry BarnardMedia Solutions, 20 year client.


Michael is the consummate professional. He consistently delivers the highest-quality images for our award-winning television documentaries.

Mario Barnabe, Pacific Media Ministry, 21 year client.